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March 2001 to September 2001 : The band is in rehersal to make new stuff for an upcoming CD.

February 2001 : The band stopped the production of the Promo CD called SHADE. The tracks from this promo will be placed on a new promo project that will be recorded this summer (or maybe before).

January 2001 : The promo CD called SHADE is now avaible, you can order one by sending a e-mail to the band at For canadian resident, the price is 7$ (Can if you're from Canada, and US if you're from USA and rest of the world) post-paid. Sample of this demo are avaible in the Sounds Section.

September to December 2000 : Nothing at all, adding song to our playlist. The CD project is now on the table, the band will record in the beginning of January.

August 2000 : Stephanie and Michel left the band for personnal reasons. Dany came back. The band come back from vacations. They are working on new compositions...for a future album, maybe this winter.

July 2000 : The band celebrate their first year of existance!!! but the band took a break for the summer, line-up problems (again)

June 2000 : Nothing interesting,exept that Dany has left the band and a new guitarist, Stephanie Gagnon.

April 2000 : The band has signed on Area Production. Shirts are also avaible from Area at for 15$ (Can) (excluding shipping cost).

March 2000 : The Demo is now avaible at 8$ (Can) if you buy it to a member, 10$ (Can) inside Canada (shipping include) and 10$ USD Worldwide (shipping include).

February 2000 : The song(Winter Of Black Skies) has been removed from the sound section...too long to download, A new one is now avaible, Rider Of The Night(3.5 Mb)

January 2000 : Sample Now Avaible in Sound Section , Winter Of Black Skies(the song).An other singer for the band,Gabriel(ex-Necrophobic Cunt),all the tracks on the CD has been re-recorded with the new sample with these changes for the momment.

December 1999 : The band recorded a Demo CD now untitled. A sample will be avaible (Winter Of Black Skies). The CD should be avaible on February 2000(if we survive to the new millenium).

November 1999 : A new singer in the band,John, Yves left the band.

October 1999 : First show of the band on October 1th in front of 425 persons.

September 1999 : Nothing to say

August 1999 : Nothing to say

July 1999 : Nothing to say