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Winter Of Black Skies began in a night of July 1999 but the project was born earlier. The band, throught the time, had many line-up problems, many members entered the band and left. We can mention JP Otis (vocal),Yves Richard (vocal), John Murray (vocal), Gabriel Julien (vocal), Michel Truchon (guitar), Stephanie Gagnon (guitar), Raphael Larouche (Drum)

-We would like to thank these members-

At their begining, WOBS was a Death/Black band. With the mind change and line-up instabillity, the band start to play an other kind of music, melodic black metal like Dissection to a faster in the way of Dark Funeral.

The current line-up is :

  1. Rémy Thérrien : Vocals
  2. Martin Rioux : Drums
  3. Dany Thibodeault  : Guitar
  4. Kenny Bond : Bass